2020 Instagram upcoming features leaked.

Instagram test new features months before they are released, to decide how and if they should be implemented.

2020 Instagram upcoming features leaked.

Releasing new features for an app used by billions should not be rushed. This is why Instagram test new features months before they are released, to decide how and if they should be implemented.

These unreleased features lay hidden in the Instagram apps' code, unaccesible to the regular layman.
Luckily a talented hacker, @wongmjane backwards engineers apps for fun, revealing these secrets to us mortals.

I've collated her Instagram related relevations to give you an insight about the potential future of Instagram.

Note: Thought these features are being tested by Instagram but they may or may not be released in the future.

Story Donation Links for businesses

Instagram is testing Story donation links to businesses and organizations.

This could prove to be useful in helping Small Medium Businesses during and after the Covid-19 outbreak.

Beige selfie flash

Would this be for better looking low-light selfies? These people think of everything, don't they.
We'll see if this ever pops up in the public version

New story captions interface

Ever felt that the current story UI is dull? Fear not, a refresh is likely on its way:

New 'Active' tab for Direct messages

You'll likely be able to see all your active contacts in this tab. You'll never again have to scroll through friends to message to see who's online while bored. 😄

Discover Accounts

Unlike discover Accounts, 'Discover People' is already a thing. This is where you find new people to follow, be that friends you might know or celebrities/brands you might like.
'Discover Accounts' may split that in two: one place to discover friends and another one to discover celebrities/brands.

Effect QR codes & Stories

Hashtags got their stories not so long ago and Effects might be the next in line. Whats more, they may go a step further and get their very own QR codes. Scan and use, Yay!

Locations and Hashtags for Story Highlights

You may soon be able to add up to 4 hashtags and a location to your story highlights. Nifty.

IGTV video reactions

Ever wanted to react to a someone's IGTV video with your own video? It seems that Instagram may release a feature for just that.

Hiding stories from specific people

Here comes my personal favourite. You may soon be able to hide specific stories from specific people.
This might come in handy in one off situations. 😉

Dissapearing messages

Instagram got the better of Snapchat after copying its Stories feature back in 2016, and it seems that they are not stopping there.

Dissapearing messages are being tested in secret by Instagram's busy little elves.

Kaleidoscope filter

Because, why not? Seriously though, please make this happen.

Custom emoji reactions

Custom emojis might be coming to Instagram, similar to those on Facebook. You might even be able to use some whitelisted emojis as a reaction, or maybe not. No one knows for sure.

IGTV ads for Monetization

Instagram is going to share revenue with its creators. Get ready for IGTV ads through which Influencers can monetize their videos.

Yes, payments from Instagram directly to your bank account. It doesn't get any more exciting than this.🥳💸


They have even confirmed this in a statement:

“We continue to explore ways to help creators monetize with IGTV. We don’t have more details to share now, but we will as they develop further.”

Monetizing on Instagram is about to become a lot easier, now is the time to focus on your growth and analytics.

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