How I Track Hundreds of Instagram Accounts for Free

How I Track Hundreds of Instagram Accounts for Free

If you’re going to have any real success in business these days, you absolutely MUST have an active on all of the major social media platforms – but you really need to be making the most of everything Instagram has to offer.

According to market research released in late 2018, there are more than 3.2 billion people around the world with at least one social media account. Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are the giants of this world, and Instagram alone has close to 1.2 billion monthly active users that are spending hours and hours on the app or the site every single day.

If you aren’t getting your marketing and advertising out in front of that flood of targeted traffic to your sure to be missing out on sales that your competitors are cashing in on.

More Lines in the Water

Of course, it’s next to impossible to have true success on Instagram with just a single account. That’s only “one line in the water”, so to speak and you aren’t going to be able to catch as many fish – or customers – with that approach.

Instead, you’ll want to have multiple active Instagram accounts handling all of your social media heavy lifting. Some of the most successful marketers in the world today are managing literally hundreds of different accounts, keeping consistent posting schedules, interacting with the social media audience they built up, tracking and charting their traffic and click through rates and so much more.

Obviously they aren’t handling all of the tracking on their own by inputting raw data manually into a customized Excel sheet or Google Sheet.

No, the truly successful top-tier marketers – and a fair share of the Tier 1 Instagram marketing agencies out there – are using tools like to handle all of the tracking, all of the analytics, and all of the reporting to keep their finger squarely on the pulse of all their Instagram activity. Gives You the Tools You Need to Track Your Progress - FREE

The best free Instagram followers tracker out there today has to be the toolset, a feature rich and headache free solution that gives you instant access to all of the data you need to build a grow huge audiences on Instagram today.

Right out of the gate, you’re going to be able to take full advantage of a toolset that gives you x-ray vision for your Instagram account (or any of your competitors, too) – all without having to pony up a penny to use them!

Getting started with this Instagram follower tracker is simple. Just input the username of the account you’re looking for data from and you’re off to the races! You’ll be presented with easy to digest details that cover:

• Follower count
• Post rate
• Engagement rate
• Growth over certain blocks of time

… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

The new Zoom Charts from let you track your follower counts almost to the minute, letting you know instant which traffic generation or marketing campaigns are working – and which ones need to be fine tuned or abandoned all together.

These tools you get from –with zero ads and no installation of any software necessary – get even better when you create a free account with your email address.

You’ll be able to compare follower count progress, get multiple reports on unlimited accounts, and download all of this data directly in easy to analyze (and share) PDF reports. This is a huge boost for those running multiple accounts and for Instagram marketing agencies alike!

Of course, if you’re looking to step things up a bit and get your hands on a couple of extra premium features, the IGBlade.PRO toolset is for you.

Giving you the opportunity to closely track and monitor literally hundreds of different accounts all at once, IGBlade.PRO and it’s easy to utilize interface gives you instant access to:

• Smart alarms that track your growth rate and progress
• Fully automated reporting tools so that you can analyze data at a glance
• An easy backend administrative platform to monitor and track all of your accounts at once

… As well completely customizable “white label” analytics that let you piggyback off of the IGBlade.PRO tool without having to share with your clients how you’re coming up with all of this great data for them!

Other tools on the market (like SocialBlade, for example) promise the moon and the stars when it comes to these kinds of capabilities, but platforms like that one are only going to work with business accounts. IGBlade.PRO lets you dive deep into the analytics of business and personal accounts, giving you multiple opportunities to grow any kind of Instagram profile all from the same dashboard.

With you get almost all of the same tools as IGBlade.PRO – without having to spend any money on an account.

Check out today for free!