How to fast forward on TikTok

TikTok lacks video controls for the most part. This tutorial explains how you can fast-forward or rewind any video on your phone.

How to fast forward on TikTok

TikTok knows what's how it's done when it comes to gluing you to your screen.

It mastered the art of just-one-more-video-before-I-close-this-damn-app way better than any other social media.

This one-more-video-before-I-stop formula has two main components:
1. It's crazy good at predicting which videos you'll like next.
2. TikTok keeps distractions at a minimum.

The problem: A side effect of keeping distractions to a minimum is seemingly no video controls.

One would think that a video sharing app that is nothing but videos would come with a video frame slider, or at least a skip ahead button. For the most part, TikTok has neither of them.

A frame slider exists however for most users on videos longer than 15 seconds.

You'll see a thin white line on the bottom of the video. If you manage to touch this white line, you'll be able to skip to any frame in the TikTok video.

How to fast forward on TikTok

For videos shorter than 15 seconds long-press the video and tap save to camera roll. Then you can slide the video back and forth from your video gallery. To avoid videos piling up, just delete them after you're done.

TikTok rolled out the white slider feature only recently. The feature might not yet be available to you.

If this white frame slider is not appearing, make sure you've updated the app to the latest version. If it still won't appear after you've updated it, just long tap the video to download it.