How to view Instagram followers chronologically?

How to view Instagram followers chronologically?

If you want to see your Instagram followers sorted chronologically, you’re not alone.

Instagram changes around a lot in their app without announcing it, and this happened to the way your Instagram followers are displayed.

How are Followers listed on Instagram?

If you have under 200 followers, they will be sorted alphabetically based on their Name (not username).

If you have above 200 followers, Instagram will list them more or less chronologically. Although this order varies very slightly on Instagram web and the Instagram app.

How are Followings listed on Instagram?

Unlike with your followers, you have the option of sorting Instagram followings. By default, your followings are sorted by your level of interactions with them. Instagram shows the ones first that it thinks are closest to you.

You can also sort Followings by date followed ascending/descending.

How are Instagram likes listed on posts?

In 2021 your Instagram likes are no longer displayed chronologically but in an order determined by the so-called “Instagram algorithm. Instagram states that likes are sorted based on their relevance to you. In other words, your followers are shown in an order so that the ones that you interact with the most are shown on top.

How to check followers change on Instagram?

You can check followers growth by looking up your username on

The alternative to IGBlade - Instagram insights, only works for business accounts and shows data no older than 30 days.

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