Introducing: Instagram Audience Reports

Audience reports show you the demographics behind any Instagram accounts following. Where do they live and how old are they?

Introducing: Instagram Audience Reports

Influencer Audience Demographics comes to IGBlade with one of our biggest updates since launch.

Gain insights on any Instagram account with our new Influencer Audit reports, that analyze Instagram accounts from tip to toe, giving you insights that put all previous IGBlade metrics to shame. All this made possible with the help of powerful AI analyzing the followers of each Influencer and giving you complete insight into their audience.

Influencer Audits are essential for:

  • Brands and Agencies doing Influencer research for marketing campaigns
  • Influencers proving their authenticity to brands

Our Influencer Audits come with a plethora of new metrics:

Audience Quality
Fake followers and Influencer Fraud are rampant on Instagram, without enough tools to detect them. IGBlade is now uncovering fake influencers for you by gaging the composition and quality of their followers. We analyze the followers of the Instagram account and categorize each audience member into four categories: Real People, Influencers, Suspicious Accounts and Mass Followers.


Audience Location
By analyzing the location data on the followers posts, we map out the countries and pinpoint the cities where the influencer has most of its followers.

Audience Age & Gender
The culmination of AI and profile pictures is much sought after demographic data. The age and gender breakdown of followers is laid bare in every report.


Audience Language
We analyze the bio and captions of each follower find the languages most commonly spoken by the Influencers audience. The top languages are shown in the report.


In our previous update we have added the following valuable insights:

Indicators for fake engagement
Fake engagement is commonplace on Instagram, yet still hard to detect. Telltale signs can be picked up however, when analyzing the performance of posts en masse:

Likes spread
Organically, some posts perform better than others while most fake likes are subscription based, therefore constant. A low spread of likes can expose inauthentic engagement.

Comment to like ratio
Fake likes cost less, therefore are vastly more common than fake comments. Disproportionately more likes on posts hint at fake engagement.

Engagement Rate Benchmark chart
Engagement rate is a defining factor of all Instagram accounts. In order to make informative comparisons, we've categorized accounts into six categories based on followers:

0 to 1k
1k to 5k
5k to 20k
20k to 100k
100k to 1000k

For each category we've calculated the engagement rate distributions and created and aggregated engagement chart like this one:


Posting habits and Best time to post charts
The timing of posts affects the amount of engagement they end up receiving. This is why timing your posts is vital. IGBlade now shows exactly when it's time to publish.

Ad post Performance
Ad posts often perform differently form non-ad posts. IGBlade analyses past engagement of ads and compares them to the engagement of regular posts so you know what to expect with paid promotions.


Regular/Sponsored posts composition
Accounts who post fewer ads tend to command more trust with their audience. Knowing the ratio of regular and sponsored posts is essential before any influencer campaign.

Post price estimations
IGBlade’s post value model estimates the price of a post from the Influencer. We take into calculation the top audience locations, paid post performance, follower count and engagement to determine the value of the influencers posts. An excellent comparison to put a potential offer in perspective.

Business account mentions
Pinpoint the brands working with the Influencer to see their results and audience reception. All ad posts of the last 180 days are displayed in the new IGBlade audit report.


Personal account mentions
Authoritative influencers maintain a healthy network with others in their niche. Explore similar influencer accounts tagged in their posts in the last 180 days.


New Improved Charts:
Trends are now visible at a glance, with Intuitive new graphs and charts. More compact and better structured than before, information is displayed with much greater clarity.


Metrics Benchmarks
We know that bare numbers mean little without comparisons. Benchmarking is a defining new aspect of IGBlade that puts your accounts In context.

Metrics are graded from A+ to D with data from our database of over one million Instagram accounts taken as the benchmark.

Strengths and weaknesses are visible at a glance for every metric. No more danger of missing red flags when it comes to auditing Influencers.

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