What Is Good Instagram Engagement Rate in 2021?

Engagement rate has become the number one factor when deciding what your Instagram accounts' audience is worth. But what is considered good engagement rate for your niche?

What Is Good Instagram Engagement Rate in 2021?

Instagram has started hiding likes in the app globally, meaning that you won't be able to see the number of likes on other people's photos.

At the Wired tech 25 conference the CEO of Instagram Adam Mosseri stated that this is to "depressurize Instagram" and eliminate the percieved competition for likes when posting on the platform.

Don't be mistaken though: You will still be able to view and share your like counts to prove your engagement to brands and fellow Influencers. Engagement will still remain one of the most important metrics when gauging the value of posts on Instagram.

Therefore, it is as important as ever to know what constitutes a good engagement and how to calculate it.

Beware though engagement can be faked. In the last post we discussed how you can spot fake engagement.

Is engagement rate just a vanity metric?


Most of online marketing runs on a basis of either Cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) or cost per click (CPC). These two metrics help advertizers track their ad performance and calculate their Return on Investment. Influencer marketing adds Engagement to the trackable metrics, placing the value of an engagement between an impression and a click.

While impressions show how many people have seen the ad and clicks show how many have clicked, engagement rate shows how many people have had a positive reaction to the content. This helps when determining overal sentiment and how well the ad fits with the audience. Comments give a whole new layer of communication with the market.

How is engagement rate calculated?


  1. Add up all the likes and comments of your last 12 posts. eg. 142+5+208+11+98+10+...+132+6=2940
  2. Divide the total by 12. This is your average engagement per post. eg. 2940/12=245
  3. Divide this number by the number of followers. eg. 245/3452=0.0709
  4. Multiply by 100 and add a % sign to the end. This is your engagement rate. eg. 0.0709*100 = 7.09%

What is Good Engagement rate?


We analyzed data from almost half a million instagram accounts form the IGBlade database to find the average engagement rates of accounts of different sizes and niches accross the board.

The categorization of accounts into niches has been done by our users who use igblade.com daily.

We found that engagement rate on Instagram averages between 8.5% - 9.95%

The largest factor affecting Engagement rate is the follower count. The more followers an account has the less its engagement rate is. This is due the posts reaching a smaller fraction of followers as the account grows.

The Account Niche has considerable impact on engagement as well:

Accounts in the Relationships niche top the chart at a whopping 25.7% on average, while Wedding & Bridal accounts are on the low end with a modest 4%


Check out your engagement rate on igblade.com